We make every effort to encourage and teach our clients how to look, feel and be their best through proper nutrition and exercise coaching. We believe in a holistic approach encompassing both mind and body. You won't find any gimmicks here-
just a healthier, leaner, fitter you. Our proven methods produce real results, time and time again. Your goals are our goals!

Small Group Strength and Conditioning

This is a professionally designed training program focusing on all the major components of fitness. Our workouts typically last for an hour. Don't worry, if you have never worked with a trainer before we will tailor the exercise complexity to your individual ability level. Working in small groups (2-5 people) allows us the flexibility to adjust programs more easily than with larger groups while still keeping the cost affordable. Check the Workout Blog on the homepage to see some of our workouts.

Class Times
Monday thru Friday 6am-11am
Monday thru Thursday 5pm and 6pm

Program Options:

- 2 x per week
- 3 x per week
We always offer our first week at no cost - with no strings attached. We want you to be sure what we do is right for you. Come join our fitness family and see why we have the best client retention rate in the city!