We make every effort to encourage and teach our clients how to look, feel and be their best through proper nutrition and exercise coaching.  We believe in a holistic approach encompassing both mind and body.  You won't find any gimmicks here- just a healthier, leaner, fitter you.  Our proven methods produce real results, time and time again. Your goals are our goals!

Experiment alert... 

I wanted to make a stuffed chicken with that creamy texture you get with cheese, but without cheese for those who are dairy free. I was a bit iffy about it while adding together random ingredients, but it actually tasted great! The outer "breaded" texture was really nice too and the filling was tasty and creamy as I'd hoped. 
I pulsed the following ingredients in my nutribullet to get a thick, creamy, but chunky texture: chickpeas, one whole garlic clove, a splash of chilled coconut milk (so it's thick when…

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About Organic Food 

About organic food... I Love the thought of eating all organic and having my own farm with animals and a greenhouse. But if you are like me, it's just not a realistic option at this point in time! I understand that it is not financially feasible for everyone to eat all organic local produce and meat, so here are my recommendations on some ways that you can maximize the healthy benefits of organic while avoiding a few unhealthy drawbacks of conventional foods. One of the food groups that is important to…

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Workout 16.4 Crossfit Open 

I'm so proud of all of our athletes competing in the CrossFit Open! This is a pic of Jane Hanson and Luke Laurin deep into 16.4 last night - Jane hammering out her push press, Luke grinding away at his handstand push-ups. Jon Balint and Joelle Church also had a great workout and Lindsay Burrows @lburrowes13 will tackle it on Monday. The Open is a fun way to challenge yourself and to have a training goal, even if you're not currently in contention to move on to Regionals. It can reveal your weaknesses and…

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